We use the highest quality wax called Perron Rigot from Paris, dubbed the King of Waxes. This shrink wraps the hairs giving a much smoother finish and is less traumatic for the skin. Please arrive for your appointment clean and smelling nice or the therapist may refuse to treat you. Our therapists have the ability of making clients feel instantly at ease which is an absolute must when having intimate waxing so there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Whatever you fancy in the latest intimate waxing trends, Therapy can offer anything from the basic bikini to the Hollywood. WAX ON!!!


Full Leg $18.00 (incl feet)
Half Leg $11.00 (incl feet)
Lip/Chin $4.00
Lip & Chin $7.50
Eyebrows $6.00
Forearm $7.00
Full Arm $9.00
Underarm $7.00
Bikini & Half Leg $19.00
Bikini & Full Leg $25.00
Brazilian & Half Leg $33.00
Brazilian & Full Leg $39.00
Nostrils Painless Technique $6.00

Intimate Waxing

Hollywood $25.00
(Butt Crack/Labia/All Pubic Hair)
Brazilian $25.00
(Butt Crack/Labia/Most Pubic Hair)
Brazilian/Hollywood Maintenance $20.00
Playboy $30.00
(All Off With Gems)
The G String Bikini $20.00
(High Sides/Top/Butt Crack)
The High Leg Bikini $15.00
(High Sides/Top)
The Aussie $20.00
(All Front Off)
The Basic Bikini $9.00 – $12.00
(Outside Knickerline)